We exclusively use compact spun merino wool yarns in all our products.

So why use Compact Spun?

  • Super fine Merino Wool

    The compact spinning process reduces the amount of air from between the fibers, creating a more compact yarn, with a much softer feel. More merino. Less problems. 

  • More Durable

    Using compact spun makes our merino wool 25% more durable than ring spun yarn and helps us feel confident that our socks will meet any challenge. Guaranteed.

  • Reduced Pilling

    Because compact spinning reduces the amount of loose fibres it results in a product that stands the test of time. You can use our garments safe in the knowledge it will be without excessive wear or pilling.

Combat Temperature, Moisture, and Friction

Beat blisters and go farther with Point6 performance merino wool technology.

Natures Miracle Fibre

Not all merino wool is created equally!

Don’t be fooled by a label. There is a huge range in the quality of merino wool out there. Point6 has spent over 20 years perfecting merino wool products. In fact, we have mastered merino wool. The result is high-performance merino wool products whose quality, durability and comfort are unmatched, guaranteed.

Miraculous Merino Wool

  • Anti-microbial: resists odor-causing bacteria
  • Moisture wicking: absorbs and moves moisture
  • Thermoregulation: keeps you warm when it's cold, cool when it's hot
  • Non-itch: merino wool fibers are fine, soft and durable with next to skin comfort
  • Easy care: wash and dry inside out

Sock Technology