Socks with a legendary fit

Point6 employs state of the art knitting techniques combined with compact spun merino wool yarns versus conventional ring spun yarns.

Compact spinning greatly reduces loose fibers for more durable merino products without excessive wear or pilling.

Heel and toe areas are reinforced with nylon for maximum durability with ventilation panels across the instep to improve breathability.

Combat Temperature, Moisture, and Friction

Read on to find out more about of superb features which give our socks 'legendary' status!

Beat blisters and go farther with Point6 performance merino wool technology.

Miraculous Merino Wool

  • Anti-microbial: resists odor-causing bacteria
  • Moisture wicking: absorbs and moves moisture
  • Thermoregulation: keeps you warm when it's cold, cool when it's hot
  • Non-itch: merino wool fibers are fine, soft and durable with next to skin comfort
  • Easy care: wash and dry inside out
  • Non Binding Welt Top

    Non-binding welt top keeps sock up without being too tight around the leg.

  • Exceptional Cross Stretch

    Exceptional cross stretch hugs the body without impairing circulation and comfortably wraps you in luxurious point6 merino wool.

  • Ankle Brace

    Ankle brace keeps sock snug around ankle area and prevents sagging.

  • Ventilation Panels

    Ventilation panels facilitate breathability and streamline fit.

  • Deep Heel Pocket

    Deep heel pocket creates anatomical fit around heel, prevents slippage and movement around the heel.

  • Reinforcement

    Reinforcement in wear areas for abrasion resistance and greater durability.

  • Arch Support

    Arch support keeps sock snug across instep.

  • Specific Cushioning Zones

    Sport-specific cushioning is designed for each activity. Terry loop cushion retains its resilience and will not pack out like cotton or synthetic fibers.

  • Ultra Smooth Toe Seam

    Has no lumps or extra fabric to irritate the toes. Tapered toe box anatomically hugs the foot.

Natures Miracle Fibre

Not all merino wool is created equally!

Don’t be fooled by a label. There is a huge range in the quality of merino wool out there. Point6 has spent over 20 years perfecting merino wool products. In fact, we have mastered merino wool. The result is high-performance merino wool products whose quality, durability and comfort are unmatched, guaranteed.